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Available Services

Call for low tire prices on new tires
includes mounting and balancing

New Tire Sales
Tires are always changing, but you can count on Performance Automotive to have the latest tire technology for your driving needs. Our up-to-date tire selection also includes the best prices, whatever your budget may be! Put more safety under your vehicle with affordably priced new tires from our shop.
Tire & Wheel Services
Your tires are an essential part of your car or truck, so it is important to properly maintain them. Simple routine maintenance can help maximize mileage, safety and wear.
Tire Balancing
Balancing your tires enables you to drive safer while enjoying better fuel economy and reduced tire wear. Performance Automotive tire balancing service is designed to protect your tire investment.
Tire Rotation
Regularly rotating your tires results in better gas mileage, an all-around smoother ride, longer tread life and more!
Flat Tire Repair
Whether your flat is the result of a leaky valve stem, puncture or slow leak, Performance Automotive has the services and products you need to get safely on the road again.
Oil Change Services
Choose from our oil change options designed to fit the needs of your vehicle or make an appointment to customize your oil change.

Engine Diagnostic Services
Is your vehicle running bad or stalling? Is your check engine light on?
The issue could be as simple as a loose gas cap or as complex as
internal engine repair. Either way, Performance Automotive can help. Pairing up state
of the art equipment with our professional certified technicians, gives
us the ability to diagnose the concern and determine what repairs are
needed to get you safely back on the road.

Brake Services
If your brakes squeal or grind, grab causing jerky stops or your warning light flashes
it may be time for a brake system inspection.


Car Battery Services
Performance Automotive offers an incomparable line of automotive battery power for all the vehicles in your life. These long-lasting batteries promise to provide equal or improved power for your vehicle. Whether you’re looking for superior performance in hot or cold weather or dependable power for longhauls, Deka has the perfect battery for your drive.
In addition to offering premium battery services, Performance Automotive provides the reassurance that your vehicle is being fixed by a trained professional technician. Whether your car battery is failing or you believe you have an issue with an alternator or starter, we have you covered.

Professional Battery Installation Service
As vehicles' electrical systems become more complex, it is critical for the battery and related electrical components to operate flawlessly. Our battery installation service is performed by professional technicians who are trained on how to service complex starting and charging systems.

Car Inspections
Just like you need a yearly physical to ensure your good health,
so does your beloved car or truck.
An annual car inspection can help keep you on the road safely and
help take care of any issues
before something goes seriously wrong on the road.

Effective January 1st 2017, examination of tinted or shaded windows will be required
during motor vehicle inspections.
Section 375 (12-a) of the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law does not allow a windshield
or front side windows that are dark.
The windshield and front side windows cannot block more than 30% of the light.
Seventy percent or more of the light from the outside must pass through the window.
This law also applies to the rear window unless the vehicle has outside rear-view mirrors on both sides.
The mirrors must give the driver a full and clear view behind the vehicle.
Katie will safely remove the tint that needs removing.

Heating and Cooling Services
Your vehicle’s ability to properly heat and cool your car is central to your comfort and the comfort of your passengers.
The radiator is the core of your vehicle’s cooling system. Responsible for reducing the heat generated from the coolant circulating through your vehicle’s cooling system, the radiator must be clean, leak free, filled with coolant and clear of blockages. Coolant that is not maintained becomes acidic over time and degrades the internals of your cooling system. This deterioration results in the structural break-down of hoses, gaskets and belts. Degraded coolant can also lead to premature water pump failure brought on by deteriorated seals. This means the leaky gasket or hose that you fix today might be the weakest of many weak points in your cooling system. Fixing these one-off leaks could just be a short term solution for a much larger problem. The good news is these issues can be avoided by performing coolant flushes at the intervals recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.
Our Performance Automotive professional technicians are certified to diagnose and repair many components in your cooling system including the radiator, thermostat, water pump, belts and more! Performance Automotive offers a comprehensive Coolant System Evaluation designed to pinpoint any issues that may exist within this complex system and provide solutions.

Wiper Blade and Headlight Services
It is easy to forget to maintain your vehicle’s lights and windshield wipers. As weather changes, the quality of these easily looked-over car parts becomes more and more important. Regularly change your bulbs and wiper blades as needed so you can See and be Safe. If the clarity of your headlights is not up to par, consider restoring those clouded, hazy headlights


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